Safely working where others can’t

Rope Access Specialists

CAIRNS ROPE ACCESS is a locally owned and operated company operating throughout Queensland. We specialize in difficult access work, providing experienced rope access technicians and riggers for all aspects of building maintenance, construction, communications and heavy industry.

Areas we Specialise in

Visual inspection on a radome.

Building Maintenance

Visual inspection on a radome.

Energy & Renewables

Visual inspection on a radome.


Visual inspection on a radome.


Visual inspection on a radome.

Mining & Resources

What is Rope Access?

Rope access describes a group of techniques far removed from their origins in caving, climbing and mountaineering. These techniques have been advanced and refined to become the safest way to work at height.

IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) was established more than 30 years ago and has developed an International Code of Practice (ICOP) that governs how jobs are planed and undertaken and how technicians are trained and assessed. Insuring that crews working to the IRATA ICOP are the safest in the world.

Cairns Rope Access is committed to a strict adherence to the IRATA ICOP. Meaning our staff have received the highest level of training and have received independent assessment, that our crews are always run by an IRATA L3 (a technician that has through years of training and experience been assessed as competent to plan and supervise rope access work) and that all our jobs are planed with rescue in mind.


Get a better understanding of the rope access industry

Rigging & Lifting

Cairns Rope Access can provide an experienced crew qualified in both rope access and rigging.

Pressure Washing

When washing down tall structures, rope access is the most efficient method.


Cairns Rope Access can assist painting firms with catching the inaccessible areas.

Concrete Repair

Cairns Rope Access can efficiently and safely carry out repairs to concrete faults at height.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is perhaps the most highly recognized use of industrial rope access.

Height Safety

Cairns Rope Access can install individual anchors or full height safety systems.

Signs & Banners

Cairns Rope Access can assist with installation and maintenance of inaccessible signage.


We can access inaccessible parts of your structure and do a condition report with detailed photos.

Confined Space Entry

We can help with confined space jobs with suspended access or the possibility of a complex rescue.

Water Proofing

Our crew have extensive experience locating and rectifying common causes of leaks at height.

Safety & Quality

Cairns Rope Access has grown to become the most trusted specialist access and rigging company in North Queensland because we pride ourselves on providing a professional service built around safety and quality.


We are always interested in receiving CV’s from experienced IRATA technicians and riggers for work in north Queensland.